Hi, I'm Stephen.

I'm an Independent Graphic & Visual Designer currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.
A Little bit about me
``A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.``

I’m a talented, versatile and in-demand graphic designer. From brand identity to digital design, my work is based on creative problem solving. I always try to make my work fresh, informed, rich and eclectic but always fit for purpose and sensitive to the end users needs.

I believe that design goes way beyond just a logo – it’s the consumer facing visual language that represents a business or product. Good design adds huge value to any business and is a product of insightful collaboration and a deep understanding of how the business communicates and interacts with its customer base..

I believe strongly in the power of great ideas and excellent design and the ability to communicate, inform and get the attention of some of the most important people in any business – your customers.

Design matters

A lot of care, effort & sweat goes into all of my work. I don’t do this to get rich, I love great design.

Quality over quantity

I put ‘do it right’ over ‘It’ll do’ every time. There is too much poor design in the world and I do my best every time not to add to it.


My approach is to work with clients, to listen and not get too precious over my design but I will make it clear when I think something will work out or something won’t. I like to receive the same communication, respect and honesty in return.


I believe a professional approach is vital. The basics of efficiency, honesty and transparency are at the heart of who I am as a designer and person. My goal is to not let you down.

What I can do for you
My approach

My approach is driven by context. I use research and insight to uncover the potential for each project. My eclectic skill-set allows me to produce intelligent, thoughtful design solutions across a range of disciplines.

Call me on
022 450 5408

Auckland, New Zealand

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