Scéal Ale

Branding and creative direction


Scéal Ale is a side-project of the mighty Skeff Bar and Restaurant in Galway. This is a bespoke ale created with help from the Spiddal River Brewery in Connemara. Packed full of flavour and sold exclusively by the Skeff Bar it required an interesting take on the branding to uniquely position it in a crowded market.

The Project

So what’s the Scéal? This was one of several brand option presented to the Skeff. Taking my queue from the ales name I looked at the history of story-tellers in Galway. Sitting outside the Skeff in the middle of Eyre Square is one of Galway’s most famous storytelling sons – Pádraic Ó Conaire. Using imagery of Padraic himself and some visual ideas associated with him as a writer I created a a distinctive, quirky and fun brand with the notion of an Irish tall tales at the heart of the delivery. So far the ale has been a massive success.


2017 – Present


Creative Direction
Graphic Design

Scéal Ale logo
Scéal Ale promotional beermats
Scéal Ale promotional beermats.
Scéal Ale glass
Scéal Ale glass
Scéal Ale beer tap eyelet.
Scéal Ale promotional posters
Scéal Ale promotional posters.
Scéal Ale social media promotions
Scéal Ale social media promotions.

Scéal Ale logo development

The Scéal Ale logo development went through several iterations and many different versions before settling on the idea and concept behind using Padraic O’Connaire. This was done over a very fast design sprint.

Scéal Ale concept logos
Scéal Ale concept logos.