Branding & Concept Design

Steady Scoots

Bringing an electronic scooter startup to life

Client Overview

Steady Scoots is a dynamic start-up aiming to transform urban transportation in Cork city, Ireland. The company provides electric scooter rentals as a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for short-distance commuting, allowing users to effortlessly navigate the bustling city streets while reducing their carbon footprint. With a mission to make transportation sustainable, affordable, and fun, Steady Scoots poised to revolutionise the way people move around the city.


Steady Scoots approached me seeking a comprehensive branding and design solution for their new electric scooter rental business. They required a visually compelling and cohesive identity that would effectively communicate their core values of innovation, convenience, and environmental consciousness. The goal was to create a brand that would not only capture attention but also establish trust and inspire people to embrace sustainable transportation options.

My Approach

Allowed freedom to create a solution that I think would work I began a creative journey to develop a brand identity that would position Steady Scoots as a modern and reliable mobility solution and one of the first of it’s kind in the city. By considering the company’s values, target audience, and the vibrant essence of the new business and the city it was planning to launch into I created an extensive range of ideas for the client to consider. This approach helped us define who and what Steadyscoots where.

Concept 1: A to B

The idea behind this logo is moving people around from A to B. The circles in the logomark representing points on a map and the ‘S’ of Steadyscoots.

Concept 2: Monogram logo

This is a simple monogram treatment of the two S’s in ‘steadyscoot’. I made up several differing variations using this simple theme.

Concept 3: The A to B Swoosh

This was an alternative variation of the ‘A to B’ logo and probably my favourite as i felt it worked the best conceptually.

Final Design: Pathways

The final logo was picked by the client out of some alternative versions I had made up to give the client more options on direction. It was a perfect case of designer not agreeing with the client but the client always wins and the final logo was developed and the client was happy.


By creating a comprehensive branding and design solution, I feel that I empowered Steady Scoots with the ability to establish a strong presence in the market and connect with their target audience. The cohesive visual identity, consisting of the logo, colour palette, typography, and marketing collateral, ensures a consistent brand experience across


The client was thrilled with the results and is currently using the collateral to engage with funders while waiting for the e-scooter laws to be updated in the city. Overall, the project was a success and helped the client to establish a strong brand identity in a competitive industry.